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Magic Rush: Heroes Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide

Magic Rush: Heroes is a distinctive mash up of a tower defense and also a real time RPG. Assemble a group of renowned heroes, provide power to them up using ancient runes, as well as send them off to battle through the kingdom within the conventional steps RPG mode. When the right time will come, you are able to in addition buckle down and set them up to protect an area within the tower defense mode. We will enable you to overcome each modes with our Magic Rush: Heroes cheats, tricks strategy guide and tips!

1. Runes runes runes!

The primary method of conditioning the heroes of yours - besides leveling them up of course - would be to inlay them with runes. Runes are artifacts which you come across from specific levels. Each hero is able to equip specific runes, plus doing very powers them up. Once you have finished a pair of runes for a hero, they can "advance" and find out a brand new ability can be used in battle. Attempt to discover as many runes as you are able to!

2. Replay earlier levels!

Are the heroes of yours simply not strong enough? Experiment with returning to earlier levels. Occasionally you will have heroes which will require the same kind of rune. What this means is you are likely to require duplicates, and this also may require returning to the earlier levels. Certain runes just drop in a few levels, so visit your hero rune screen. Each rune slot is going to tell you where to locate the corresponding rune.

3. Position your tank well!

During the Tower Defense levels, you are likely to wish to make sure your container is in probably the most optimum place. You see, tank type characters come equipped with 2 minions. The hero and these minions do not do very much damage, though they are priceless with regards to keeping enemies in place, making it possible for your other heroes to do a lot of harm. Make an effort to place them in choke points that involve the other heroes of yours!

4. Bring a healthy team!

For the RPG combat levels, you've precisely 5 openings for the party of yours. This's ideal considering there are five distinct roles. Generally, it is usually ideal to deliver one of each hero type. Which means tank, support, mage, marksman, and cannon. Although this must be enough to conquer most of the foes of yours, certain levels you might wish to specialize a little more.

5. Claim your complimentary wishes!

The wishing pool enables you to open 2 types of chests: diamond and gold. The gold chests are able to have items, runes, or perhaps heroes. You are able to open 5 of these for free each day. The diamond chests are able to contain items, heroes, runes, and at times rare heroes! You are able to open among these at no cost once every 2 days. You'll want to state your free wishes quickly!

How you can get the brand new heroes?

Heroes will be the main characters of the game to what players must pay appropriate attention. It's truly essential for the beginners to understand the proper methods to get the brand new heroes. Well, it's truly easy as well as simple too, therefore you do not have to make efforts. Players are able to get these heroes by using -

hoping pool

collecting the enough soul stones

To be able to acquire the favorite heroes of yours, you have to simply tap on them. Next, you are able to quickly come to learn about the kind of jobs you have to complete for acquiring the soul stones. After obtaining these heroes, you are able to quickly level up them by clearing several certain stages or perhaps committing the XP potions.

Winning techniques for beginners

To be an excellent player, one must take assistance from several helpful suggestions offered by the pros. To be able to improve the performance of yours, you have to follow a number of hints that were underlined.

Tutorial and tweaks - That every beginner must accomplish the tutorial on the game to study its pure basics. With the assistance of this, players do not have to make attempts to recognize the gameplay or maybe the other facets of the game. The tutorial is able to help them to learn how you can play the game completely.

Sweep the completed levels - In case you're not knowledgeable about the word sweep, then you definitely have to learn about it. You are able to seep your previously completed levels where you've gained the 3 stars. With the assistance of this, you are able to get the knowledge. Although it is going to give you unlimited runes, you simply have to invest a little stamina for sweeps.

Connect game with Facebook - the game features in addition enable you to link the game together with the Facebook account. By hooking it, you are able to enjoy lots of perks also the benefits also. You are able to also transmit or receive stamina from your pals to satisfy the requirements of yours to enjoy the game in a far better way.

Complete quests - you will find loads of quests offered in the game that can be discovered after tapping on the Do button. You can quickly check out all the rewards and the quests that you are going to get after completing them. This way, you are able to quickly select your preferred quest to finish and in addition to hop the corresponding rewards.

Well, all these suggestions are good for the beginners, and additionally, it allows them to attain the high phases of the game also and quickly within a very short period. Never ever overlook these tips while playing the game since these may provide you a quick success.

Wrapping up

To obtain the preferred ranking on the leaderboard in Magic Rush Heroes, players really should put their very best attempts to compete against the enemies. By utilizing the powerful tips or maybe the Magic Rush Heroes cheats, players could get to the advanced stages within the game. Players should attempt to do much better in the game to buy the greatest incentives. It's also crucial to focus on the currencies as together with the various other elements making changes in the game.

What to learn about the complimentary wishes?

You are able to quickly obtain a wishing pool in the game in which you are able to in addition get a gold & diamond chest. You are able to start the 5 gold chests day to grab the heroes, runes as well as the numerous kinds of booster items. In case we talk about the stone chests, then these often come after the 2 times with the various forms of heroes, other items and ruins. You should not throw away the time of yours while claiming the cost-free wishes since these sole remain for a brief period on the display screen.


Magic Rush Heroes is an internet game including the various interesting gameplay components, and also it's also getting the interest of all of the game enthusiasts. To become a top notch participant in this particular game, players must work with the Magic Rush Heroes Cheats. With the assistance of this, it's so easy to reduce all of the complications associated with the currencies or the in game resources to play efficiently.